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Personally Caring for Homes While being Away ,


 Preparing Your Home for Your Return 


Home Guardian Professional Services, LLC is a Licensed + Bonded + Insured company located in Melbourne of Brevard County, Florida  32940 established in  2011

An excellent professional home caring  service  for owners  of   leased, travelers and/or seasonal home properties. 

  • Customers for us are ones who have second homes here, travel, and new purchasers of homes, who wish a professional to maintain the property, also before making Florida their prime residence.
  • Request HGPS LLc services  with your real estate agent, before home closing.
  • Home Guardian Services trained experts inspect your property, identify and eliminate unwanted high expensive surprises, thus Saving additional unnecessary costs.
  • HGPS,LLC  prepares your home for your return. TURN KEY
  • We provide our customers with a personalized concierge service.

  Our entire focus is  maintaining your property for you, to the highest quality standards. 

                                              FREE  on site CONSULTATIONS 

Our  property  inspections for our customers are always at and inside your home property!

And based customer’s requirements for  a  weekly, twice a month, monthly inspections

           HOW TO  CONTACT US ?



phone: 321-254-9446 / cell# 860-539-2203



phone: 321-426-4536 / cell# 860-966-7068



 We are here for you

 April 2017 ( Merritt Island, Fl)

 This month, as we were doing our normal unannounced home inspections, and at  one of our customers home  there was a water leak in washing room.    HGPS llc turned off the water and immediately contacted  the home owner. HGPS LLc is continually coordinating the repairs  with the customer’s plumber, a remediation company and their insurance appraiser.  The water damage could have been more severe if no one went inside to inspect the home.  

HGPS llc professionals have identified 8 cases were the A/C s were not properly cooling and removing the humidity . It is very important that the people you ask to watch your home, properly maintain your property. 

  • “It looked great when I was there and I really appreciate you and your company being able to coordinate and take care of the whole project. Thank you, Thank you!!”
  • “Thanks for the report – we really appreciate your service and will be informing others,like us, that are away for extended times during the Summer.  GC”
  • Thank you for watching our home for the past 3 years. If you ever need a reference let me know.  You help us so much and for that we are grateful . K (2018)

Note: Insurance company article: Reference: LIVING, (Jan/Feb. 2016, page 47) “an unoccupied home: If you’ll be away from home for several weeks or more, your insurance policy may require you to take precautions to protect the property, such as having someone check the house weekly. Your agent can tell you what measures you should take to protect yourself”.

 HGPS,LLC  is a home watching professional service, located  in Melbourne, Florida which has been providing highest quality services for over 7 years. 

 Member – Melbourne Regional Chamber of Commerce, Melbourne,Fl


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