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Brevard’s Home- Watch/Caring/Maintaining Professional Services 

Home owner information

  1. Did you know that there is a service who really cares for your unoccupied residence ?

  2. HGPS, LLC is a customer friendly on site home watch and caring service to eliminate potential COSTLY problems while the residence is not occupied.

  3. It always saves money and aggravation to have a professional walk into and personally inspect your residence.

  4. Uninvited “guests”  are more likely to avoid houses that appear to have people living in them.

  5. Non-Scheduled inspections to your residence provide you the owner with true piece of mind. 

   ”  HGPS, LLC professionals will prepare  your home  for your return.”


  We are your eyes, ears and  personal feet on the ground  (representative) for you.  

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