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HGPS LLC – NEWS update 

Subject:  Home Watching – WHY hire a professional?

POTENTIAL Major Mold / A/C problems solved:

Problem-In our area this year, a local homeowner had a friend watching his house while he was gone for OVER 6 months.  What the home owner found when they returned home, there was mold inside the home. The A/C had failed for unknown period of time during the summer. Oh, by the way, the refrigerator was constantly running, since the door was left wide open.

In 2015-2017 HGPS LLC indentified problems with8(eight)A/C units for our customers, while being away. HGPSLLC coordinated the repairs for our customers.  This year several lawn sprinklers were replaced. Three (3) of our customers in ground pools developed leaks and or pumps that were repaired. 

Why- HGPS LLC safes customers money by being preventative; many homeowners have a friend or neighbor periodically checks in on their home and normally may not enter the home inside, to inspect for any other potential problems.  The neighbor usually does a walk around outside.

HGPSLLC conducts inside and out inspections unannounced  focusing on concerns such as; Broken sprinkler heads, A/C unit , water leaks, pool, bug services , properly secured doors and windows, and mold issues.

However, the friend or neighbor is probably not going to check for pest invasion, leaking roofs, security light outages, water leaks ( ice maker) , pool not properly being cared for, and double check all the doors and windows to make sure everything is not tampered with.

Preventative- HGPS, LLC professional home watching service has proved that we save the home owner excessive expenses incurred by disasters such as these that if left unattended may result in even more damage.

By utilizing HGPS.LLc services we give you true peace of mind that your home is in good hands and that you are not going to be greeted with any unexpected disasters.  It may even help to reduce home insurance costs!

HGPS, LLC provide reliable, trustworthy, preventative services . Dave and Roy are here for you and care how your home is maintained while away for periods of time.


Dave (321-254-9446) and Roy (321-426-4536)

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